King Crimson to Reform

Robert Fripp has posted in his online diary that he plans to reform legendary band King Crimson, but this time with a massive twist in the line-up.

In his very note-like diary entry, Fripp says that he intends to bring about the band’s eighth line-up as a seven piece, with four English members, and three Americans—but here’s the twist, three of them will be drummers. That’s right, King Crimson with three drummers!

As of yet, no concrete details have been released as to who these players are. The only thing we know for sure is that the band will consist of Robert Fripp, the three aforementioned drummers, and three other musicians.

It appears that there are a few problems that need to be overcome before the band can reform, not least of all various legal disputes that Fripp is involved with over the licensing of previous King Crimson music, but as Fripp puts it plans are definitely “in motion”.

This is pretty exciting news for any King Crimson fan. It’s been ten years since the band’s last album, and it’s definitely time for a new incarnation.

Read the original diary entry on Robert Fripp’s DGM Live site.

Update: The new line-up has since been revealed

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