Robert John Godfrey Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

Robert John Godfrey of The Enid has announced the sad news that he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Although he has “known” that he’s been ill for some time, it is only now that he has been given a confirmed diagnosis.

He has released the following statement via The Enidi mailing list:

I am writing to you to let you know that my diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is confirmed and what this is going to mean for the future of the band.

I suppose I had “known” that I was ill for maybe a year. I began to notice changes with the way I perceived my surroundings and with my day to day activities. I felt there was something wrong and I suspected it might be dementia (or worse).

My diagnosis has come as no surprise. It is just my very short term memory that is different and my ability to recall the names of people I know well. I still have all my long term memories – I probably will have right up to the end. My intellect still seems as good as ever, though that will probably not last. I have not noticed any changes with regard to my creative abilities and so far nothing has changed with regard to playing the piano.

Finding my successor

I am now seeking a successor to take my place in The Enid. I probably have two or three years in which to find him and get him settled. He will need to be young and have a good piano technique with a background in classical/romantic music rather than jazz; a knowledge of music technology; a talent for finding a good tune and a thorough understanding of harmony. Above all he will need to be generous in spirit and willing to collaborate with those who have different but nevertheless just as valuable abilities as his own.

The Enidi

The Enidi will be essential to my plans and this is why.

Since The Enidi was first launched, I had a lot to prove, not least that this was going to be a here-to-stay project and not yet another false dawn. I believe that after nearly five years of continuous progress the band has proved that we deserve the continued support from our fans.

What The Enidi members have enabled us to do is to spend all of our time on the band. It is for this reason that the music is as good as it can be and our live performances are as good as they are. Without The Enidi, the pursuit of excellence would be a pipe dream.

This year will see the launch of The Enidi International, an “upgrade” to the existing organisation. We have learned much from the way things are currently done and Joe Payne and I will be initiating many improvements in the way we keep in touch with each other.

More information about this will follow in the near future.


I have had a great life doing nothing but music – I have wonderful friends within the band and The Enidi. I feel very much loved and appreciated – I lost any fear of death many years ago and the story of my life will come full circle as indeed it must. A symphony with a silence at either end.

Yours as ever


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