Porcupine Tree on Indefinite Hiatus

Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson has confirmed that the band is on indefinite hold whilst he concentrates on his solo career. Stating that he doesn’t have time to pursue every project he’d like, Wilson had to make the difficult decision to concentrate on the projects that matter the most to him.

Having recently released The Raven that Refused to Sing and Other Stories, his third solo album, Wilson explains that he wants to take his solo career forward and work on projects that don’t need as much input from him. He states that although his other band, Blackfield, has also recently released an album, he was much less involved in the process and “Blackfield is certainly moving forward. The Last thing I want to do is hold people back.”

For Wilson, Porcupine Tree was more complicated as “It can’t really happen without me instigating it, being the main writer and director,” but he states that he doesn’t have the time in his life right now to give that the attention it needs and deserves.

Wilson is clear though—Porcupine Tree has not split up, saying “that’s not to say the band has broken up or anything like that. It’s always conceivable that we could get back together in a year or five years, or 10 years. I really can’t say—there are no plans at the moment.”

The band’s latest studio album is The Incident, a 55-minute prog epic, released in 2009, however Wilson plans to release further material recorded from the early days of Porcupine Tree back when he used the name to release his solo work.

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