Fripp Adds Soundscapes to Vista

Robert Fripp, the King Crimson leader, is reported to have spent several days at the Microsoft campus recording new soundscapes for Microsoft's newest version of Windows. This version of Windows, named Vista, is due to be released later this year.

Robert Fripp was the founding member of the band King Crimson, who have been playing and recording in various guises since the later 1960s. He has collaborated on several occasions with Brian Eno, which makes him an interesting choice as the composer of the new Windows sound as Eno was the composer behind the infamous Windows 95 sound scheme. Fripp, widely known for his ambient guitar-based soundscapes has recorded the new sounds in the same style and using the same techniques as he has used for his trademark soundscapes which are also known as “Frippertronics”; a technique he is reported as saying was first introduced to him by Eno.

Windows Vista promises to be Microsoft’s most graphically-stunning version of Windows to date, and with the addition of Robert Fripp’s soundscapes it should also be the most audibly gratifying version too! Vista is currently in Beta testing and is widely expected to be released later in the year.

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