The Fierce and the Dead – Magnet

Magnet is the new EP from The Fierce and the Dead. It features six tracks in total, with three of them being brand new. There are also two studio rehearsals of old tracks, and a rerecording of an old track.

To start with, the new tracks are much heavier than the band’s previous output. Magnet in Your Face and Palm Trees in particular are far more bassy than previous tracks. Though both are enjoyable, they stray somewhat from the band’s familiar sound.

The opening track, Magnet in Your Face is punk, pure and unadulterated. It’s a fleeting track at under two minutes, but packs a lot in during its short life. Jumping from scuzzy guitar and compact drums, to a melodic interlude, and back. The track ends in a crescendo of discord, ending as abrupt as it began.

Palm Trees is another of TFATD’s tracks that remind me of King Crimson. Guitar noodling and a relaxed beginning set the scene for what is one of the longer tracks on this EP. Noticeable is the heavy bass, which after a sudden ceasefire starts a brief solo before the other instruments jump in once more. Contrary to its name, it doesn’t sound like a nice beach. At a point of little than half-way through, the band shout out “palm trees”, the manner of which reinforces the fact we’re not on a Hawaiian island. It gets even heavier then. Not somewhere you’d want to build sand castles for sure.

Part 6 (The Eighth Circuit) is an atmospheric track with long bass notes and a fuzzy, electronic melody. The upfront drumming sounds as if it stops just before reaching you. It permeates your ears stopping short of the back of your head. Resonating around your mind trying to escape.

Of the remaining tracks, Flint is a rerecording that fits in well with the new material. It’s familiar, and sounds almost enough style-wise to feel at home.

Ending the EP are two studio rehearsals. Both are well executed, and show how good the band are. They know their instruments well. They don’t make mistakes. If they’re as good live as they are in practice, then fans are up for a treat at Arctangent Festival.

This a worthwhile, but short EP. Electric Freedom rating: four out of five

Magnet is available from 14th August. Preorder it now from the band’s Band Camp site.

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