The Danglers

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure to listen to some great music from a relatively unknown band. That band is The Danglers, and they hail from Milwaukee, USA. I say they’re relatively unknown, but they’ve in fact been touring and recording since 1997, and already have a number of albums available.

What’s their music like? Well that’s not an easy question to answer… To start, there are only three guys in the band, but the sounds they make certainly make themselves appear to be bigger than they are. They describe themselves as combining jazz, classical, heavy metal, punk and fusion styles, and that results in something truly different to the ear and almost certainly prog. They’re occasionally reminiscent of early King Crimson, but to me they feel much heavier. With their strange mix of styles, often changing within even a single song, you never quite know what you’re going to get!

Take their track Blacklava for example. It starts off sounding like a heavy racket, with a violin-lead theme emerging, and suddenly it’s jazz! Then no, it’s heavier again. About a third of the way in, it’s incredibly heavy, and just halts becoming a peaceful tranquil that sounds nothing like the previous two minutes. Half way through in come vocals that sound like a little like Greg Lake, before the music changes again to a more jazzy feel, and finally it’s bookended with the heavy sound of the beginning. Coming in at just over 8:30, it’s a nice long track to start off with.

Then you’ve got songs like Athrodite’s Thighs, where the vocals sound like they were recorded in the 1960s, but the music sounds much later; and Comet Czar which to me wouldn’t sound out of place on a Muse album. A varied style indeed.

So who are they? Well there’s Jason Loveall on violin and vocals, with David Gelting handling bass duties and more vocals, and finally John Sparrow keeping (weird and wonderful) time on the drums. Between the three of them they’re a must-hear band. Often improvising, which is something evident on their albums, they clearly know their stuff and must be fantastic to see live.

Want to hear them for yourselves? Well there’s a couple of albums available via Amazon Live at Circle A and their self-titled The Danglers. That should get you started, and I promise you’ll love them as much as I do.

Check them out on Twitter to find out more:

Footnote: This article was first published on 29th February, 2012, via TwitLonger

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