Temerus is a progressive melodic metal band from Plymouth, UK. They originally began as the solo project of Tim McLennan in 2009, and in 2011 he was joined by Gareth Tomasson on Bass, John Hart on Rhythm Guitar, and finally Elias Kijera on Drums.

Being a relatively new band you’d expect them to be rough around the edges, but they are surprisingly good. They manage to mix heavy riffs with sharp melodies, death growls with clean vocals and come out with a very polished sound. With their heavy guitar, furious drumming and pounding bass suddenly changing into a clean-cut melodic guitar solo there’s an edge of beauty to their music that you just don’t expect from such a new band.

As far as progressive goes, they are definitely that. Their songs are often several minutes in length, but of course length doesn’t make music progressive—yet Temerus’ use of counter-melody, changing time signatures and their ability to completely switch style mid-track certainly does.

If you’re a fan of extreme progressive metal, then you’ll probably enjoy Temerus. In the same way that other bands like Opeth have managed to mix death growls with clean vocals, creating booming, fast-moving music with serene and melodic interludes, the members of Temerus have allowed their own skills to shine through the otherwise-relentless pace and produce music that is both ear-bleeding and catchy.

Temerus have shown that they have what it takes to bring a level of musicianship with them that will almost certainly take them forward to greater things. I fully expect them to be filling venues within no time at all.

You can listen to some of Temerus’ tracks for free at ReverbNation.

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