Title Yes
Artist Yes
Type Studio

Track list

  1. Beyond and Before 4:55
  2. I See You 6:52
  3. Yesterday and Today 2:51
  4. Looking Around 4:19
  5. Harold Land 5:46
  6. Every Little Thing 5:46
  7. Sweetness 4:35
  8. Survival 6:22


About the album

This 1969 album was Yes’ debut and is considered amongst the first progressive rock albums. Like many albums of its time, Yes has different album art for the US market—in this case a picture of the band standing in a cemetary.

In 2010, Bill Bruford commented on the origins of the title for the track Harold Land. He explained that Harold Land was a tenor saxophonist at the time, but could not explain why they had named a track after him. The track in question is about the effects of war on the character of Harold, but has nothing to do with the saxophonist.

Every Little Thing is a grungy-sounding cover of a track by the Beatles, but also features the main guitar riff from Day Tripper, another Beatles track.

The track Sweetness is featured in the film Buffolo ’66, the first to be directed by Vincent Gallo, which also features music by King Crimson.

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