Title Tormato
Artist Yes
Type Studio

Track list

  1. Future Times Rejoice 6:46
  2. Don’t Kill the Whale 3:55
  3. Madrigal 2:21
  4. Release, Release 5:40
  5. Arriving UFO 6:02
  6. Circus of Heaven 4:28
  7. Onward 4:00
  8. On the Silent Wings of Freedom 7:45


  • Alan White – Drums, Glockenspiel, Crotales, Cymbals, Bell Tree, Drum Machine, Gongs, and Backing Vocals
  • Chris Squire – Rickenbacker Bass Guitar, Pitch Shifter, Piano (2), Bass Pedals and Backing Vocals
  • Jon Anderson – Vocals, Percussion, and Alvarez 10-String Guitar
  • Rick Wakeman – Piano, Hammond Organ, Polymoog, Birotron, Harpsichord, and RMI Electra Piano
  • Steve Howe – Gibson Les Paul Custom, Martin 00045, Spanish Guitar, Fender Broadcaster, Acoustic Gibson Guitar, Gibson ES-175, Mandolin, and Backing Vocals

About the album

Tormato is the ninth studio album by Yes, and was released in 1978. It was the last album to feature this lineup of the band until 1996 (excluding 1991’s Union). It was also the last album on which Jon Anderson sang until 1983, and the final for Rick Wakeman until 1991.

Despite being received unfavourably by critics, the album reached #8 in the UK charts, and peaked at #10 in the US Billboard 200, remaining in the US chart for 14 weeks. It also produced the hit single Don’t Kill the Whale.

Wakeman has stated that the band did not get the best out of the material on Tormato, and Steve Howe has confirmed this saying that the band were not sure of themselves at the time of recording. Many fans, and notably Wakeman, have criticised the album’s production claiming that it resulted in a compressed and dull sound.

The album cover for Tormato features a suited man dowsing, with tomatoes splattered across it. According to Wakeman, the band were so unimpressed by the artwork produced by Hipgnosis, that he threw a tomato at the sample board, and the cover was adapted to match. The original name of the album was also intended to be Yestor (the name of the second highest peak in Dartmoor, Devon), however this was hastily changed to Tormato following the incident with the album art. The inside of the album cover shows a map of Dartmoor, on which Yes Tor can be seen.

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