Title Magnification
Artist Yes
Type Studio

Track list

  1. Magnification 7:15
  2. Spirit of Survival 6:02
  3. Don’t Go 4:27
  4. Give Love Each Day 7:44
  5. Can You Imagine 2:58
  6. We Agree 6:30
  7. Soft As a Dove 2:18
  8. Dreamtime 10:45
  9. In The Presence Of 10:24
    1. Deeper
    2. Death of Ego
    3. True Beginner
    4. Turn Around and Remember
  10. Time is Time 2:09


  • Alan White – Drums, Percussion, Piano, and Backing Vocals
  • Chris Squire – Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals, and Backing Vocals
  • Jon Anderson – Lead Vocals, MIDI Guitar, and Acoustic Guitar
  • Steve Howe – Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Pedal Steel Guitar, Mandolin, and Backing Vocals

Supporting credits

  • Larry Groupé – Conductor

About the album

Magnification is the nineteenth studio album by Yes, and was released in 2001. As well as being the first album the band recorded in the 21st century, it was also their first studio album to feature a full orchestra since 1970’s Time and a Word, and the last to feature Jon Anderson on vocals. It is also the only Yes album to not feature a keyboardist as it was recorded in the period between Igor Khoroshev’s departure and Rick Wakeman’s return in 2002.

Although the album was well-received by critics and fans, it did not perform as well on a commercial level as previous releases. It peaked at #71 in the UK charts, and reached #186 in the US Billboard 200, during a chart stay of only one week.

Following the departure of Khoroshev after an incident during the Masterworks tour, and the decision of Wakeman to not rejoin the band, the remaining four members decided to replace the role of keyboardist with a full orchestra. They hired film composer Larry Groupé to compose and conduct symphonic orchestrations and musical bridges.

Magnification is the first Yes album to feature a song where the main vocals are performed by Chris Squire, with Anderson taking on backing vocals. This song Can You Imagine was originally written by Squire as part of the aborted XYZ project in 1981. It also features the track In the Presence Of, on which Alan White plays the opening theme on the piano.

Wakeman has stated in interviews, that had he done the orchestrations for the album, he would have done them differently making the orchestra part of the band rather than working around it. On subsequent tours, he added his own keyboard parts in place of the original orchestrations to good effect.

The album cover for Magnification features space-themed artwork showing engineering diagrams/charts over the backdrop of a nebula and stars.

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