The Joy of Molybdenum

Title The Joy of Molybdenum
Artist Trey Gunn
Type Studio

Track list

  1. The Joy of Molybdenum 5:27
  2. The Glove 3:57
  3. Hord Winds Redux 4:08
  4. Rune Song: The Origin of Water 6:13
  5. Untune The Sky 7:17
  6. Sozzle 4:53
  7. Gate of Dreams 5:22
  8. Brief Encounters 5:57
  9. Thelikeli Madde 3:41


  • Trey Gunn – 8-String Touch Guitar, 10-String Touch Guitar, 12-String Touch Guitar, Mellotron, Theremin, Shortwave, and Smokey Guitar

Supporting credits

  • Bob Muller – Drums, Tabla, Bandir, Darbouka, Bodhran, Gamelon Drum, Rik, Metals, and Shakers
  • Tony Geballe – Electric Guitar, Saz, Acoustic 12-String Guitar, Leslie Guitar, and Ups Guitars

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