Title Octane
Artist Spock’s Beard
Type Studio

Track list

  1. A Flash Before My Eyes 31:12
  2. The Ballet of the Impact 5:34
    1. Prelude to the Past
    2. The Ultimate Quiet
    3. A Blizzard of My Memories
  3. I Wouldn’t Let It Go 4:53
  4. Surfing Down the Avalanche 3:43
  5. She Is Everything 6:46
    1. Strange What You Remember
    2. Words of Forever
  6. Climbing Up That Hill 3:31
  7. Letting Go 1:52
  8. Of the Beauty of It All 4:53
    1. If I Could Paint a Picture
    2. Into the Great Unknowable
  9. NWC 4:16
  10. There Was a Time 4:58
  11. The Planet’s Hum 4:42
  12. Watching the Tide 5:07
  13. As Long As We Ride 5:34


  • Alan Morse – Guitars, Theremin, Saw, and Backing Vocals
  • Dave Meros – Bass Guitar
  • Nick D’Virgilio – Lead Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Loops, Electric Guitar, and Acoustic Guitar
  • Ryo Okumoto – Keyboards

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