The Fiddler’s Shindig

Title The Fiddler’s Shindig
Artist Mostly Autumn
Type Live

Track list

  1. Overture - Forge of Sauron 4:03
  2. Greenwood the Great 5:13
  3. Dark Before the Dawn 4:28
  4. Spirit of Autumn Past 6:47
  5. Evergreen 7:59
  6. The Last Climb 8:40
  7. Shindig 6:13
  8. Never the Rainbow 4:42
  9. Noise from My Head 3:17
  10. Shrinking Violet 8:26
  11. Heroes Never Die 11:04


  • Andy Smith – Bass Guitar
  • Angela Goldthorpe – Flute, Low Whistles, High Whistles, Recorder, and Vocals
  • Bryan Josh – Lead Electric Guitar, 6-String Acoustic Guitar, 12-String Acoustic Guitar, E-Bow, and Vocals
  • Heather Findlay – Vocals, Bodhran, Tambourine, 6-String Acoustic Guitar, and 12-String Acoustic Guitars
  • Iain Jennings – Keyboards, Synthesisers, Hammond Organ, and Vocals
  • Jonathan Blackmore – Drums
  • Liam Davison – Electric Guitar, 6-string Acoustic Guitar, 12-String Acoustic Guitar, and Vocals

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