Title Smogmagica
Artist Le Orme
Type Studio

Track list

  1. Los Angeles 7:09 
  2. Amico Di Ieri 3:15 
  3. Ora O Mai Più 2:40 
  4. Laserium Floyd 4:16 
  5. Primi Passi 3:28 
  6. Immensa Distesa 3:50 
  7. Amanti Di Citta’3:28 
  8. L’uomo Del Pianino 3:18 
  9. Laurel Canyon 4:18 


  • Aldo Tagliapietra – Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, and Lead Vocals
  • Michi Dei Rossi – Drums, and Percussion
  • Tolo Marton – Electric Guitar, Harmonica, and Vocals
  • Tony Pagliuca – Keyboards

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