Stand Up

Title Stand Up
Artist Jethro Tull
Type Studio

Track list

  1. A New Day Yesterday 4:10
  2. Jeffrey Goes to Leicester Square 2:12
  3. Boureé 3:47
  4. Back to the Family 3:48
  5. Look into the Sun 4:21
  6. Nothing is Easy 4:26
  7. Fat Man 2:52
  8. We Used to Know 4:00
  9. Reasons for Waiting 4:06
  10. For a Thousand Mothers 4:13


  • Clive Bunker – Drums, and Percussion
  • Glenn Cornick – Bass Guitar
  • Ian Anderson – Flute, Acoustic Guitar, Hammond Organ, Piano, Balalaika, Mouth Organ, and Vocals
  • Martin Barre – Electric Guitar, and Flute

Supporting credits

  • David Palmer – String Arrangements, and Conducting (9)

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