The It Bites Album

Title The It Bites Album
Artist It Bites
Type Compilation

Track list

  1. Kiss Like Judas [Extended Version] 6:15
  2. Midnight [Extended Version] 6:38
  3. Bullet in the Barrel 4:06
  4. Having a Goodday 5:14
  5. Reprise 6:01
  6. Underneath Your Pillow 5:26
  7. Staring at the Whitewash 4:55
  8. The Woman is An Addict 4:03
  9. Still Too Young to Remember 3:57
  10. Calling All the Heroes 4:03


  • Bob Dalton – Drums
  • Dick Nolan – Bass Guitar
  • Frank Dunnery – Vocals, and Guitars
  • John Beck – Keyboards

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