Mrs Caligari’s Lighter

Title Mrs Caligari’s Lighter
Artist Beggars Opera
Type Studio

Track list

  1. Mrs. Caligari’s Lighter 4:06
  2. Doris 3:14
  3. The Comforter 6:29
  4. Love is Just a Torrent 4:08
  5. Funny Eyes 3:31
  6. You Just Don’t Get it 5:25
  7. It’s Friday Night You Know 3:20
  8. You Have to Watch You Know 4:35
  9. How Long Before the Machine Rusts 3:37
  10. So Long 6:13


  • Ricky Gardiner – Guitars
  • Tom Gardiner – Drums
  • Virginia Scott – Keyboards, and Vocals

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