Victim of Your Father’s Agony

Title Victim of Your Father’s Agony
Artist Arabs in Aspic
Type Studio

Track list

  1. You Can Prove them Wrong 3:55
  2. Sad Without You 3:25
  3. One 6:12
  4. The Turk and the Italian Restaurant 2:42
  5. God Requires Insanity 8:21
  6. TV 3 1:38
  7. Flight of the Halibut 4:08
  8. Saint-Palais-sur-Mer, Pt. 2 1:04
  9. Victim of Your Father’s Agony 5:57


  • Erik Paulsen – Dass, and Vocals
  • Eskil Nyhus – Drums, and Cymbals
  • Jostein Smeby – Guitar, and Vocals
  • Stig Jørgensen – Organs, and Vocals

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