Private Parts and Pieces IX: Dragonfly Dreams

Title Private Parts and Pieces IX: Dragonfly Dreams
Artist Anthony Phillips
Type Studio

Track list

  1. Dragonfly Dreams, Part One 27:40
    1. Openers
    2. In the Valleys
    3. Something Blue
    4. Quango
    5. Lostwithiel
    6. Under the Ice
    7. Sarah Blakeley’s Evening
    8. She’ll Be Waiting
    9. Still Time
  2. Dragonfly Dreams, Part Two 39:13
    1. Hills of Languedoc
    2. Luigi Palta’s Confession
    3. The Tears of Pablo Paraguas
    4. Melancholy Flower
    5. Night Song
    6. Chinese Walls
    7. Old Faithful
    8. Summer Ponds & Dragonflies
    9. Lost and Found


Supporting credits

  • Quique Berro Garcia – Guitars

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