Private Parts and Pieces III: Antiques

Title Private Parts and Pieces III: Antiques
Artist Anthony Phillips
Type Studio

Track list

  1. Motherforest 1:55
  2. Hurlingham Suite 11:15
    1. Ivied Castles
    2. Frosted Windows
    3. Bandido
    4. Church Bells at Sunset
  3. Suite in D Minor 8:27
    1. Whirlpools
    2. Cobblestones
    3. Catacombs
  4. Danse Nude 1:31
  5. Esperansa 2:02
  6. Elegy 3:28
  7. Otto’s Face 4:23
  8. Sand Dunes 8:24
  9. Old Wives Tales 4:46


Supporting credits

  • Enrique Barro Garcia – Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, and Electric Guitars

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