Private Parts and Pieces

Title Private Parts and Pieces
Artist Anthony Phillips
Type Studio

Track list

  1. Beauty and the Beast 4:08
  2. Field of Eternity 5:10
  3. Tibetan Yak-Music 6:09
  4. Lullaby — Old Father Time 1:15
  5. Harmonium in the Dust (or Harmonius Stradosphore) 2:29
  6. Tregenna Afternoons 7:49
  7. Stranger [CD Bonus Track] 6:08
  8. Reaper 7:38
  9. Autumnal 5:57
  10. Flamingo 11:06
  11. Seven Long Years 2:58
  12. Silver Song [Demo][CD Bonus Track] 3:19
  13. Movement IV from Guitar Quintet [CD Bonus Track] 7:08


  • Anthony Phillips – 12-String Guitar, Classical Guitar, Piano, Electric Guitar, Pin Piano, Harmonium, and Vocals

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