Invisible Men

Title Invisible Men
Artist Anthony Phillips
Type Studio

Track list

  1. Sally 3:53
  2. Golden Bodies 3:16
  3. Going for Broke 3:30
  4. Exocet [US Release] 3:19 / It’s Not Easy [UK Release] 4:47
  5. Love in a Hot Air Balloon 3:42
  6. Traces 4:49
  7. I Want Your Heart 3:51
  8. Falling for Love 3:33
  9. Guru 4:42
  10. The Women were Watching 4:46
  11. My Time Has Come 4:46


  • Anthony Phillips – Guitar, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals, 12-String Guitar, Classical Guitar, Jupiter 8, Polymoog, and Arp 2600
  • Richard Scott – Piano, Electric Guitar, Choir, Chorus, Noise, Vocoder, Drum Machine, Tubular Bells, and Roland TR-808

Supporting credits

  • Bimbo Acock – Saxophone, and Brass Arrangement
  • Joji Hirota – Cymbals, Marimba, Tambourine, Timpani, Shaker, Wood Block, Jawbone, Bell Tree, and Cabasa
  • Malcolm Griffiths – Trombone
  • Martin Drover – Trumpet
  • Morris Pert – Tambourine, Kalimba, Shaker, and Jawbone
  • Vic Stench – Bass Guitar, and Double Bass

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