Tao of the Dead

Title Tao of the Dead
Artist …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead (Trail of Dead)
Type Studio

Track list

  1. Introduction: “Let’s Experiment” 2:23
  2. Pure Radio Cosplay 5:26
  3. Summer of All Dead Souls 4:17
  4. Cover the Days Like a Tidal Wave 2:51
  5. Fall of the Empire 2:27
  6. The Wasteland 2:33
  7. Spiral Jetty 1:48
  8. Weight of the Sun (Or, the Post-Modern Prometheus) 2:19
  9. Pure Radio Cosplay (Reprise) 3:18
  10. Ebb Away 2:41
  11. The Fairlight Pendant 5:43
  12. Tao of the Dead Part II: Strange News from Another Planet 16:32
    1. Know Your Honor
    2. Rule by Being Just
    3. The Ship Impossible
    4. Strange Epiphany
    5. Racing and Hunting

Tracks 1–11 are titled “Tao of the Dead Part I: Tao of the Dead”


  • Aaron Ford – Drums
  • Autry Fulbright – Bass Guitar, and Vocals
  • Conrad Keely – Vocals, Guitar, Drums, and Piano
  • Jason Reece – Drums, Vocals, and Guitar

Supporting credits

  • Christian Velia Gurrola – Vocals

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